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REH Power Relay
REH Power Relay

REH Power Relay


REH power relays are essential components in any electrical system. With a lockable test button and inspection window, coils are easily identified by the test button color (AC red/DC blue). Our relays are designed for maximum performance and reliability and offer a wide range of functions, making them ideal for any Perfect choice for application.

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REH Power Relay Details

  • Available in 2 poles and 3 poles with contact load 16A.
  • With non-polarity LED integrated into the relay.
  • Equipped with a lockable test button and inspection window.
  • Identification of coils through test button color.
  • Conformity with RoHS Directive.

REH Power Relay

REH power relay consists of a relay and socket. The control voltage range can be extended using a matching socket. It can be used with the following types of sockets: SEB11-E REH socket and SEB11-P REH socket.

REH Power Relay Characteristics

Contact Configuration 2C,3C
Load Resistance 16A/300VAC 30VDC
Motor load 1/2HP, 120VAC;1HP,240VAC
Max. switching capacity (resistive) 4800VA, 480W
Initial contact resistance ≤50mΩ
Material Ag alloy
Electric durability(110%rated voltage, 55℃) ≥60 x 104 Cycles (600 Ops/h)
Electric durability (Normal temperature) ≥5000 x 104 Cycles (18000 Ops/h)
Mechanical durability ≥2000 x 104 (18000 Ops/h)
Pick-up voltage (23℃) (Rated voltage) DC:≤75% (rated voltage), AC:≤80% 50/60Hz (rated voltage)
Drop-out voltage (23℃) (Rated voltage) DC:≥10% (rated voltage),AC:≥30% 50/60Hz (rated voltage)
Maximum voltage (23℃) (Rated voltage) 110%
Insulation resistance ≥1000MΩ (500VDC)
Coil operating power DC (W) approx. 1.5
AC (VA) approx. 2.5
Operate time&Release time (at nominal voltage) ≤20ms
Initial breakdown voltage Between open contacts 1500VAC/1min (leakage current 1mA)
Between poles 4000VAC/1min (leakage current 1mA)
Between contacts and coil 4000VAC/1min (leakage current 1mA)
IEC 60664 UL840
Rated voltage 300VAC
Pollution level 3
Overvoltage level III
Impulse withstand voltage (waveform: 1.2/50us) 6000V
Protection level IP50
Storage temperature/ humidity -55~+85℃/ ≤85%RH (18 months)
Working temperature/ humidity -55~+70℃/ 5%~85%RH (No condensation) ★
Air pressure 86~106KPa
Shock resistance 10G (half-sine shock pulse: 11ms)
Vibration resistance 10~55Hz double-amplitude:1.0mm
Mounting Plug in
Unit weight Approx. 90g

Coil Specifications (23℃)

Nominal volta  e V DC 6 12 24 48 110 220 /
Coil resistance Ω 24 96 385 1540 8070 32270 /
Nominal voltage V.AC 6 24 48 115 230 380 400
Coil resistance Ω 8 100 350 2200 8000 26000 27000
Remark: Coil resistance, under coil voltage 110V, is measured with a tolerance of ±10%Ω, and above 110V with a tolerance of ±15%Ω.


Contact Specification

REH Power Relay Contact Specification

REH Power Relay Dimensions (mm)

REH Power Relay Dimensions

Wiring Diagrams

REH Power Relay Wiring Diagrams

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Applicable socket

SEB11-P Socket

SEB11-P Socket

relay base for REH relay,pcb soldering type

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SEB11-E Socket

SEB11-E Socket

relay base for REH relay,screw type,Din-rail mounting

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