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Industrial Timer Relay
Industrial Timer Relay

Industrial Timer Relay


1.A wide AC/DC power supply range greatly reduces the number of timer models kept in stock.
2.A wide range of applications with multiple operating modes,6 modes for 11-pin, models and 4modes for 8-pin models.
3.Easy sequence checking with instantaneous outputs for a zero set value.
4.This product has passed CE, CP certification.

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Adjustable Delay Timer Relay Details

TCR1 Ordering Information


1: Why do I trust you?
A: we are “made in China” certification suppliers, we can provide you with high quality products and services.

2: May I have a look around your factory and office?
A: Of course, we always welcome you! You can contact us to arrange the time, we will meet you at the airport or the station.

3: Can we ask support if get trouble?
A: Sure, if there is any quality problems or questions; we could offer technical support or return service.

4: Can we return back the goods?
A: Sure, if you are not satisfied with the quality .You can send the original box back to exchange or refund .You pay the return ship cost. We pay the back cost.

B: If you get wrong item and the mistake made by yourself; we can offer return too. But you should pay the ship cost both. And you can ask us to exchange or refund.



Output control Delay operation SPDT(2C) SPDT(1C) A: 2SPDT (2C)
H: signal ON/OFF delay
Instantanceous SPDT(1C)
Max.output load 5A, 250VAC(p.f.=1)
Min output load 10mA, 5VDC
Operating voltage range 85-110% of the rated voltage
Repetitive errorr ±0.3% (FS max.),(+0.3% 10ms max. in range of 1.2s)
Setting error ±5%(FS max.) ±5ms
Voltage error ±0.5% (FS max.) (±0.5% + 10ms max. in a range of 1.2s )
Temeperature error ±2% (FS max.) (±2%+10ms max, in a range of 1.2s)
Reset time 0.1sec
Mounting method DIN rail mounting, suface mounting
Ambient temeperature -10°C – 55°C
Insulation Resistance 100MQ(DC500V)
Dielectric Strength 2000V 50/60Hz min (between current-carring metal parts and exposed noncurrent-carring metal parts
1500V 50/60Hz min(between control output terminals and operating circuit), notinclude DC12V
1000V 50/60Hz min Between contacts
Static Immunity 8KV(Malfunction)15KV (Destruction)
Impulse Withstand Voltage 3kV (between power terminals) 1kV for 24VDC
4.5KV (Between current-carrying terminal ans expossed non-current carryingmetal parts) 1.5KV for 24vdc
Vibration resistance Destruction 10–55Hz with 0.75mm singal amplitude each in 3 directions for 2 hours each
Malfunction 10-55Hz with 0.5 mm singal amplitude each in 3 directions for 10 minutes each
Shock resistance Destruction 30G
Malfunction 10G
Life expectancy Mechanical >107
Electrical >105 (AC 250V 3A)
Protection grade TEC: IP40
Weight Approx. 95g

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