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Adjustable Delay Timer Relay
Adjustable Delay Timer Relay

Adjustable Delay Timer Relay


10pcs/tray, 180pcs/cartons, carton size: 40*30*15cm, 24cartons a pallet

High-strength cartons, good for long-distance export transport

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Adjustable Delay Timer Relay Details

  • Built-in dedicated IC program control mini time relay.
  • Reset time includes mind way reset time under 100ms.
  • Use a screwdriver to set the time.
  • Meet IEC60947-5-1: 2016 (GB/T14048.5-2017).
  • This product has passed CE and CP certifications.
Adjustable Delay Timer Relay ordering information Ordering Information
Adjustable Delay Timer Relay ordering information

Product knowledge

Intermediate relay

The relay is composed of multiple high-quality sealed small relays with low coil voltage, which is moisture-proof, dust-proof, uninterrupted, and has high reliability.

It overcomes the shortcomings of electromagnetic intermediate relay wires that are too thin and easy to break; low power consumption and low temperature rise, No need to attach high-power resistors, it can be installed and connected at will;

The relay has a large contact capacity and a long working life;

After the relay is activated, there is a light-emitting tube indicator, which is convenient for on-site observation;

The delay only needs to be set by the dial switch on the panel, The delay accuracy is high, and the delay range can be arbitrarily set between 0.02-5.00S.

For more industry-related information, please check the relay industry analysis and market research reports.


1: What is your packing based on the price you quoted?
A: The price we quoted is based on the export carton that we normally use.

2: Can we mark our own logo on the product?
A: Yes, we can make the logo for you. But please provide authorization.

3: What about the warranty?
A: We are very confident in our products, and we pack them very well, so usually you will receive your order in good condition.

4: Are you a manufacturer or trading company?
A: Our company is a manufacturer and sales by ourselves are through Yueqing Lvshang Import and Export co. LTD.



Models TKB2B TKB4B
Rated supply voltage 120VAC, 230VAC 50/60Hz; DC24V
Operating voltage range Rated voltage 85-110% (90%-110% is DC12V)
Power consumption 3.5W
Max. output load 5A, 250 VAC (p.f.=1) 3A, 250 VAC (p.f.=1)
Min. output load 10 mA, 17 VDC
Repetitive error ±2% (FS max.)
Setting error ±5% (FS max.)
Voltage error ±2% (FS max.)
Temperature error ±2% (FS max.)
Resetting time Min. time: 0.2 sec
Insulation resistance 100MΩ (DC500V)
Dielectric strength Between current-carrying and Non-current-carrying parts 2000V 50/60Hz min
Between control output terminals and operating circuit1500V 50/60Hz min
Between contacts 1000V 50/60Hz min
Vibration resistance Destruction 10~55Hz with 0.75mm single amplitude each in 3directions for 2 hours each
Malfunction 10~55Hz with 0.5mm single amplitude each in 3 directions for 10 minutes each
Shock resistance Destruction 30G
Malfunction 10G
Ambient temperature -10ºC~55ºC
Ambient humidity 35%~85%RH
Life expectancy Mechanical >107 (under no load, at 1,800 operations/hour)
Electrical >105
Weight approx. 60g

Adjustable Delay Timer Relay Charts

Adjustable Delay Timer Relay charts

Adjustable Delay Timer Relay Dimensions (mm)

Adjustable Delay Timer Relay dimensions

Wiring Diagrams

Adjustable Delay Timer Relay wiring diagram

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