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4117 PCB Power Relay
4117 PCB Power Relay

4117 PCB Power Relay


Small size,low power consumption,high sensitivity.

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1: If I want buy small quantity , how can I get it ?
A: We have distributor in UK, USA, Morocco, Malaysia, Germany and Ireland, you just tell me your where are you from, I can recommend my office to contact you.

2: What the warranty period ?
A: 6 month.

3: Can I brand the items with our own logo/Brand?
A: Welcome OEM and ODM.

4: Can you do design for me?
A: We have experienced designers, according to your requirement, we can add your company logo, website, phone number or any of your ideas on the products or on the box… Just tell me your ideas, and let me do it for you.


Automotive micro relay appliance


Our workshops have clean control, dust free, constant temperature and humidity. Everyone should on the anti-static clothes when enter workshop.


Contact Configuration 1A, 1B, 1C 2AS, 2BS, 2CS
Rated Load(Ac-1) 10A/120VAC,30VDC 15A/120VAC, 30VDC
Operating power(Resistive) 1200VA, 300W 1800VA, 450W
Contact resistance(Initial) ≤50mΩ
Material Ag alloy
Electrical life 1 × 105 cycles(1800 Ops/h)
Mechanical life 1 × 107 cycles(1800 Ops/h)
Operate voltage(at 25℃) ≤75%(rated voltage)
Release voltage(at 25℃) ≥10% (rated voltage)
Max.Allowed voltago(at 25℃) 110% (Rated voltage)
Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ (50OVDC)
Coll power consumption DC (W) 1.1
Operate time (at nominal voltage) ≤3ms
Release time (at nominal voltage) ≤1.50ms
Dlelectrio Strength Between contacts 500VAC/1min (leakage current 1mA)
Between contacts and coil 500VAC/1min (leakage current 1mA)
Ambient temperature -25~+55℃
Humidity 35%~82%RH
Air pressure 86~106KPa
Shock resistance 10G(half-sine shock pulse: 11ms)
Vibration resistance 10~55Hz double-amplitude: 1.0mm
Install model PCB
Weight 12g,24g

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