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24v 30m Timer Relay
24v 30m Timer Relay

24v 30m Timer Relay


In addition to UP and Down models, a reversible(Up-Down)counter is also available.

Maximum counting speed of 1000cps, never before attained by a small-size preset counter. Models with memory backup functions against power failure are available.

The power supply is freely selectable within a range of 100 to 240 VAC.

Also, the power supply for the DC-operated models is selectable within a range of 12 to 48 V.

This product has passed CP  certification.

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Adjustable Delay Timer Relay Details

1. A vacuum relay is a relay in which the contacts are placed in a glass or ceramic shell that is pumped into a high vacuum, and the vacuum is used as the arc extinguishing and insulating medium.

2. The vacuum has ideal insulation performance, which may reach a dielectric constant of 80,000V/mm in an ideal state. Since there is no oxygen in the vacuum, it will not be oxidized during use. In this way, the vacuum relay has a small value during use. And stable contact resistance.

3. Vacuum has good arc extinguishing performance. The arc in the vacuum is easy to spread, and it is not easy to cause wear to the contacts. Therefore, the vacuum relay has the characteristics of long life and can be equipped with a load switch.

In summary, the vacuum relay has the characteristics of high breakdown voltage, fast arc extinguishing, large breaking current, small size, lightweight and long life.

It is widely used in the fields of weak current control, such as cardiac pacemakers, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, high-frequency antenna coupling devices, radar, and capacitor discharge.

4. High electrical resistance, high rated carrying current and conversion current, low contact resistance, stable operation, low noise, small inter-electrode distributed capacitance and inductance, small contact spacing, low excitation power, and fast-breaking speed, The contract is sealed, and it is not affected by the air pressure, moisture, dust or explosive gas in the surrounding environment, and is suitable for working in harsh environments.

Ordering Information
ordering informations


1: How about the quality of the product?
A: Accordance with international standards.

2: How about the price of the product?
A: We are the manufacturer and we have a fairly advantaged competitive price

3: Can we get the sample? Is it free?
A: We provide a few samples free by courier, but you need to pay the express.

4: How long is the delivery time?
A: If there is stock we can send it right away.

5: What is your warranty time for the products?
A: 12 months in use and 18 months in stock.



Supply Voltage AC100-240V 50/60HZ DC12-48V(contains 20% ripple Max.)
Operating voltage range 85-110% of the rated voltage
Power consumption Approx.4W(AC 240V 50Hz),4W(DC48V)
CP1, CP2 Max Counting Speed 30 cps: (contact and transistor inputs) Min. pulse width:16.7 ms (ON/OFF ratio:1:1)
1K cps(transistor inputs) Min pulse width:0.5 ms (ON/OFF ratio:1:1)
Reset System Power-OFF reset: Reset time 0.5s,
Reset time following power application 0.05s
External reset & manual reset: Rest time 0.02s,
Reset time following signal application: 0.05s.
Signal Input Count and Reset
Input methods Contact
Impedance by short-circuiting contacts: 1kQ Max
Residual voltage: 2V Max
impedance by opening contacts: 100kQ min
Control Output 5A 250VAC COSD=1 SPDT(1C)
Operating Mode Up-counting Down-counting
Display 7-segment LEDs
Ambient Temperature -10°C-55°C
Storage Ambient Temperature -25°C-65°C
Ambient Humidity 35-85%RH
Insulation Resistance 100MQ(DC500V)
Dielectric Strength 2000VAC, 50/60Hz for 1 min(between current-carrying terminal and exposed noncurrent carrying metal parts and between no-continuous contacts)
Static Immunity Malfunction 8kv
Impulse Withstand Voltage 6kv(between power terminals)
6kv (between the current-carrying terminal and exposed non-current-carrying metal parts)
Vibration resistance Destruction 10-55Hz,0.75mm single amplitude
Malfunction 10-55Hz, 0.5mm single amplitude
Shock resistance Destruction 20G
Malfunction 10G
Ambient temperature -10ºC ~ 55ºC
Ambient humidity 35% ~ 85%RH
Life expectancy Mechanical 10 million operations min.
Electrical 100,000 operations min.
Protection grade TEC: IP40(only for panel)
Weight approx. 60g

Up/Down Selectable Type

input modeup down type

Adjustable Delay Timer Relay Dimensions (mm)

24v 30m Timer Relay dimensions

24v 30m Timer Relay Terminal Arrangement

24v 30m Timer Relay terminal arrangement

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